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It wasn’t until the Saints picked up the pace in the fourth quarter after falling behind 24-9 on Carr’s pick-six that the offense moved the ball. Even after that, however, there were two three-and-out sacks and a final fumble in the red zone.

“I think he did some things really well,” Allen said of Carr. “I think there was a little bit of inconsistency. I think overall it’s — that’s part of the group. I think each of us individually needs to be more consistent and I think if we’re able to do that, then collectively as a group we’ll be more consistent.”

Inconsistencies, especially in attack, were evident in seven games. They could be in danger of derailing their entire season if Carr and co. won’t fix quickly.

“I’m going to do everything I can to make it right and I know our guys are going to do everything they can,” Carr said of the poor play. “It’s not malicious or coming from a bad place. It sucks right now. Right now we find everything that sucks. We’re going to point it out and call it out and work to get better as leaders — that’s our job .” whether it is really good or really bad. I keep telling the guys we don’t play the scoreboard, we play against our standard. We have to make sure that not only during the week we have to meet that standard, but on game day we have to meet that standard. I’m fine if they beat a guy or if they make a play, but there are some things in football that are completely controllable and I think we can do better.”

Despite a 3-4 record, the Saints remain in the hunt for the NFC South.

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