Starquake Art Concept

Astronomers link ‘starquakes’ to mysterious radio signals from space | ultragr

Fast radio bursts (FRBs), intense bursts of radio energy, are a perplexing astronomical mystery. Recent research from the University of Tokyo has found similarities between FRBs and earthquakes, suggesting they could be caused by “stellar shocks” on neutron stars. These findings could reshape our understanding of earthquakes, high-density matter, and nuclear physics. University of Tokyo…

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Defector home

When the legs are a lie | ultragr

An article appeared in the magazine earlier this month Scientific advances explaining how the caterpillars got their “chubby legs,” a description that at first seemed quite judgmental. The caterpillar’s job is to eat as quickly as possible all it can and grow as much as possible. Of course there will be chubby legs growing out…

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